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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Five reasons why I love ¡Forward, Russia! right now

1. All of their songs are named after numbers. This is a commonly known fact, but did you know that the odd numbered songs are better than the even numbered ones?
2. They have an upside down ! in their name, which is grammatically erroneous. (You can find this on a PC by typing ALT+0161, which is the STD code for Manchester - which I'm sure they won't be happy about as they come from Leeds).
3. They're really not messing about with a half-hearted beard thing. The guitarist is called Whiskas, nothing to do with the cat food.
4. The drummer, Katie, loves Bis.
5. They all wear their own ¡! design T-shirt on stage, which gives them a slightly militaristic appearance on stage. However, despite this, and their name, they are not particularly banging the leftie drum in their music, which I thought was unexpected.

The songs are great though, described as angular, spiky, and sounding like Bloc Party which I don't really think they do - I would describe them as Urgent Indie, as I have just made that one up.

I saw them on Wednesday at 93 Feet East, a venue I'd never been to before. It's in Brick Lane, so needless to say I had an excellent curry too.

Video of Nine from 93 Feet East taken on a digicam
Download Eight, Nine, Thirteen and Fourteen from ¡FR!'s Myspace
My interview with the band

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