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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

White Rose Movement

Live in London last night supported by the Violets, with a scary angry young blonde singer, and another band I didn't get to see. Never been to Kings College before, not a bad venue, six floors up and right on the river Thames with a good view of all the good bits of the capital from the big windows at the back. However I have made a mental note to throw the lighting guy out of the window - I think I'm still having a fit now as I type this.

Far from it for me to be judgemental and unreasonably sarcastic but the band itself can give you a reasonable idea of what they're like from their names - Finn Vine on vocals (Finn??), Jasper Milton on guitar (hmmm), Owen Dyke on bass (hmmm, ok) and Taxxi on keyboards (Taxxi? TAXXI? With 2 Xs? What the hell is that all about?) The only one who escapes with any dignity at all is the drummer, Edward Harper - I'd like to see him get knighted one day.

Having said that I loved the sixth song (no I don't know what it's called) and I also Girls In The Back which you can buy on April 3 or just listen to here by clicking the big PLAY in a circle.

Band website
Band myspace

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