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Monday, May 22, 2006

Some quite astonishing chart news

For every action there is an equal and opposite, yadda yadda. So I have managed to find the worst chart in a long time, namely the top selling ringtones of 2005:

1. Shayne Ward - That's My Goal
2. Nizlopi - JCB Song
3. Eminem - When I'm Gone
4. Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
5. Black Eyed Peas - My Humps
6. Madonna - Hung Up
7. Sugababes - Ugly
8. Crazy Frog - Jingle Bells
9. Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You
10. Westlife ft Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me
11. DHT ft Edmee - Listen To Your Heart
12. Westlife - You Raise Me Up
13. Robbie Williams - Advertising Space
14. Faithless - Insomnia
15. Pussycat Dolls ft Busta Rhymes - Don't Cha
16. Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
17. Simon Webbe - No Worries
18. Sugababes - Push The Button
19. James Blunt - You're Beautiful
20. James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

Okay, I'm not going to make any particular comment on that, although I did notice that the ringtone I've had for the last 6 months, Thirteen by ¬°Forward, Russia!, is mysteriously absent.

So how can you find something a bit better? Head on down to to find the current best selling T-Shirts, well through the NME at least ...

1. Ned's Atomic Dustbin
2. The Strokes
3. Black Label Society
4. Babyshambles
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
6. Arctic Monkeys
7. Bullet For My Valentine
8. Editors
9. Joy Division
10. Pearl Jam
11. Lynyrd Skynyrd
12. B Movies
13. Tool
14. Whatever It Takes
15. Green Day
16. Underoath
17. Test Icicles
18. The Who
19. Gorillaz
20. Painc! At The Disco

Is it 1991 again? NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN outselling everyone else, what the H is going on there? Okay, no 14 isn't actually a T Shirt, it's a wristband, which apparently are now the same thing, and no 17 are badges, and no 15 is a bag, but it's still an awesome achievement.

Yeah, I didn't believe it either

There's more NAD news as well - they're releasing their first single in 11 years on 5 June, and possibly in the style of John Otway or Marillion, internetland might actually stick them back in the real charts - it would be great to see them on Top of the Pops again. I recommend you get over to their website right now and part with your pennies accordingly.

I don't think their sound is very dated at all and that a lot of their stuff has stood up well over the years. Download this and see if you agree. Oh and dig the TWO bass players.

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy

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