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Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Life Story at the Astoria

This might be the last time they play live. I interviewed Jake Shillingford before the show and he didn't seem to know if they would come back for a third reunion show (the first was next door at the Mean Fiddler in May), and he's got two albums coming out next year, one with current band Exileinside and a solo album, so he's got plenty to keep him busy at the moment.

Photos of My Life Story:

Photos of main support act Sohodolls:

Video I took of Girl A, Girl B, Boy C (I was rather near the front for this one):

Note: this band should really not be confused with some horrible American child punk outfit doing the rounds with plenty of mobile phone moshpit videos on Youtube (ugh). If necessary, see to Polyfilla in the holes in your musical knowledge.

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