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Friday, July 04, 2008

Glam Chops (Art Brut / David Devant spin-off) live on BBC 6music

It sounds good on paper and it sounds good on, erm, digital ones and zeroes so far too.  This is an "indie supergroup" whose main proponents are two not-quite-so-super superstars in the terms of record sales a la U2 or Coldplay, but we still have nine of them including the wonderful Eddie Argos from Art Brut and The Vessel from David Devant And His Spirit Wife (or Mr Solo or whatever madness he calls himself these days). 
Both bands are great live and I'm sure that this lot, a PROPER GLAM ROCK outfit apparently, will offer more of the same - I should be finding out at the Offset Festival in Hainault, Essex at the end of August.  For now here's the three tracks they played for Marc Riley last night on the BBC.
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Splendidly-titled official Myspace: (not sure if this is official or not, but it's clearly got a lot of insider knowledge)

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