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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The second great new band of 2006

The Young Knives

Oh and just because they are the second great band of 2006, it doesn't mean they are worse than the first great band of 2006. I haven't really thought about an order yet.

If you know nothing about them, here are some facts to whet your appetite:

1. They have a singer called The House Of Lords, apparently because he is the grumpy second chamber of the band, constantly vetoing their great ideas. (You need to know a bit about British politics to get that one).
2. They released their mini album "The Young Knives ... Are Dead" on Oxford label Shifty Disco in 2002, and appear to be too lazy to have released anything since (until single The Decision came out last month).
3. They dress like accountants.
4. They used to be a Ned's Atomic Dustbin covers band (although that could be some bollocks made up by the PR company. They sound nothing like the Neds).
5. They are touring in the UK in February and March, GO SEE THEM AND BUY ALL THEIR STUFF, DO IT NOW!

Young Knives - The Decision.mp3
Young Knives - Weekends and Bleakdays (live at V2005).mp3

Band website
Band Myspace currently featuring 4 songs

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